American Spa

The #1 Source For Spa Owners &managers As Well As Full-service Salon Owners Entering The Spa Market.

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The Right Direction for Your Spa Business

For those with the zeal to build their spa business, the American Spa is a truly valuable companion. American Spa is produced monthly and here at Discount Magazines you can get this go-to guide for Spa owners and managers at a reduced price. It is an intelligent read but not in an excessive and overwhelming way. You might say this magazine is synonymous to a nice retreat where spa business owners and managers hang out, laugh and enjoy the good times. It is only after a little while that the attendees of the said 'retreat' start to realize that they have learned a lot.  

American Spa delivers fascinating and novel ideas about the spa business from insider sources who share the latest trends and products. You'll quickly come to appreciate the quality of the content as well as the absolutely gorgeous presentation of information in this magazine.  Really it's one item on the to-do list that is no chore. This read would be a great gift for spa managers, professionals and spa business owners. It covers the latest topics related to botanical extracts and their applicability in skin care, new trends, popular lines and how to introduce new services that will be a big hit.  

The Spa Business: A Competitive Niche

This premier publication is for people in the competitive spa business. In order to succeed in such a business, you need to be a knowledge junkie. There is no better way to obtain information than by using other professionals in the field. The editors have built an extraordinary community of industry insiders who offer and share ideas for improving the spa business. They also offer insight into spa designs using numerous evocative photographs and provide tips for accomplishing upgrades even without an interior designer. In addition to this, there is a vast collection of articles on the trends in the spa world. Spa professionals have a chance to learn about new products, such as botanicals and their benefits; plus how to incorporate them into services that clients can't wait to experience. 

What You Learn

The collection of subject experts, spa professionals, and journalists conduct intensive market research. Their aim is to remind and enable spa professionals and business owners to focus on their most important asset; the customer. These experts understand that spa professionals are in the business of making people beautiful and outstanding. To this end, they cover a variety of topics including;

  • The connection between inflammation and pH. 
  • The impact of environmental conditions on the skin, and how to solve this issue. 
  • History of botanicals
  • Botanical solutions to skin care. 
  • 8 ways to boost spa retail sales.
  • Streamlining the spa purchasing process. 

A Priceless Way to Obtain Knowledge

Even in the tranquil environment of a spa, time is of the essence. In a spa business, you want to obtain precise, correct and well-researched information fast. The American Spa provides recent and well-researched information from a well-rounded point of view. Order your discount subscription today.