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Ad-free, Award-winning Magazine For A Pre-teen American Girl. It Features Advice, Crafts, Contests, Games And More. There's Something Here For Any Girl To Relate To. It Is Recommended For Girls Ages 8-12.

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Follow Your Inner Star!

American Girl is aimed at the lifestyles of girls from their preschool days of exploring and nurturing, through to the tween years of self expression and finding their place in the world.

First entering our homes in 1986 as a catalog, American Girl has been providing a range of educational and entertaining products from high quality books and dolls through to toys and accessories. American Girl has earned the respect and trust of educators and parents alike through its premium quality products. 

The American Girl product line began in 1986 with the introduction of The American Girls Collection®, Be Forever™signature line. This historical range of dolls gives girls today, the chance to explore the beauty of the past and look forward with hope as to what the future may bring. Currently including dolls such as Kaya™, Rebecca™, Samantha™, Caroline™ and Addy™, this superbly crafted range of dolls is hugely popular among young girls today.

1992 saw the company launch American Girl magazine, now with a circulation of well over 400,000 copies, is the largest girls magazine in the nation. American Girl magazine has also been voted in the top ten children's magazines and it is easy to see why, with each issue full of information sure to boost confidence and self esteem, as well as promote all the creativity a girl needs in this modern world.

1995 saw two new additions to the American Girl family. The first Bitty Baby® is a huggable and soft baby doll aimed at the 3-6 year old range, with the doll encouraging a young girls natural instinct to nurture. In 2002 this line expanded to include Bitty Twins®. The second addition for 1995 was a line of dolls now known as the Truly Me™range. These 18 inch dolls are aimed at girls 8 and up and are designed to promote creativity and self expression. With digital play content these dolls are amazingly popular with young girls.

In 2001 we saw American Girl introduce the Girl Of The Year™, this concept allows different personalities from a variety of backgrounds to shine and inspire young women to take pride in themselves are to realize that their potential and their lives possibilities are profoundly endless.

The entire American Girl family is loved by young girls, parents and educators across the entire country.