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Designed To Educate & Entertain Kids And Parents With Its Bright, Colorful Pages, Age-appropriate Themes, Clear Text And Lively Visuals For Young Readers (ages 6-9).

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Chikadee for Little Me

Learning to love reading is fundamental to the overall educational process. Parents who find the right tools to facilitate these efforts can ensure a bright future for their children. This said, one important opportunity that parents should take advantage of is the ChickaDEE magazine.

In fact, a discount ChickaDEE magazine subscription may be just what your child needs in order to develop their skills in a wide diversity of areas. More importantly, the information that your child is introduced to comes from other children between the ages of 6 to 9 who have the same or similar interest. Therefore, as a result of other children’s contributions, there are stories and activities that's guaranteed to capture your child’s attention. With an added rounding from adult curriculum experts, your children can also benefit from lots of quality information in every issue that is written.


Each ChickaDEE magazine is filled with many different great children stories. Which means, your daughter or son will appreciate their new found experience in learning all kinds of captivating activities through the use of interactive activities. It does not matter if the child enjoys reading alone or with the help of an adult, they will be excited to find out what is new with each magazine that they receive.


Introducing a child to science as early as possible is not only a good idea, but also essential to building a long lasting interest. With each issue facilitating a curiosity for amazing facts about animals and other science related things that make up the world around them, this periodical can be very rewarding. Parents can also help their children with various kinds of fun experiments that they can do at home.


Puzzles, game ideas, crafts and much much more are available for children to enjoy. Because it is educational periodical, the child can also benefit greatly from following the adventures of the title characters, Chick and Dee.

To start your child out early, you should order your discount ChickaDEE subscription today.