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Traveling Through Time

Cobblestone Magazine won the Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2014 by taking kids, ages 9 to 14, on journeys through history, that are designed to excite their imaginations and to bring the past to life. Cobblestone magazine has been telling the American story since 1980 and is recognized as a leader in historic publications for children. Disguised as fun, children don't even realize that they are learning about history from colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, to famous battles of the Civil War, to the Gold Rush and to the Korean War.

It does an entertaining job in highlighting the greatest importance of a person or an event that may not be found in classroom books. Cobblestone takes kids behind the scene in its historical accounting of American history, such as the invention of the Colt revolver and how Colt's use of machine manufacturing and interchangeable parts helped to impact the American West. Cobblestone also helps to tell the stories of ethnic cultures or groups that may have been omitted in the stories of history.

Each of the nine annual issues of Cobblestone, contains historic events and fun activities that are related to the culture of the times. The magazine contains regular features that includes titles, like “Mapping It” and “Digging Deeper,” which is a list of books, websites, movies and DVDs, places to visit and previous issues that related to the topic.

Each of the nine annual issues contains several historical articles, as well as fun activities related to the culture of the times. Some regular sections include Mapping It; Did You Know; Going Global; Just For Fun; Digging Deeper; Brain Tickers; and Cartoon Connection. Each issue is also designed to focus on a single topic. The magazine is colorfully portrayed and illustrated and is filled with modern day photors, historical drawings, prints, portraits, diagrams, interviews, and paintings. Many other regular features includes Crossword Puzzles and Brain Teasers.

Cobblestone magazine examines all aspects of history in a great story-telling format with precise facts, figures, dates, heroes and heroines, all of which helped to shape America. Cobblestone tries hard to find topics that will draw students into the articles. One particular issue recently covered great American writers, from Walt Whitman and Mark Twain, to Dashiell Hammett and Ernest Hemingway. Parents don't have to worry about article content being too controversial, because Cobblestone is sensitive about many delicate issues. Not only does this periodical supplement the information that your child is learning in his or her history class at school, but it will also encourage them to continue learning about American history outside of a classroom setting.

Historians, authors and educators serve as the magazine's consulting editors. The regular features offer ample opportunity for readers to participate, research and become creative. Cobblestone magazine used to publish 12 issues a year, but now they publish 9, combining May/June; July/August; and November/December. When you subscribe to one or all of Cobblestone's issues, you are enriching your child's mind, which in turn will help them with their homework assignments. For homeschoolers, Cobblestone is probably the only history publication that parents need. Unlike many periodical, parents and children will not likely throw these publications away. Cobblestone is produced on thick, glossy stock that is colorful, inviting, and is of the highest quality material and content. Provide your child with a fascinating historical resource by ordering a discount magazine subscriptions to Cobblestone magazine today!