A Look At The World Of Dance.
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Love the Way you Move

Dedicated dancers of all skill levels, take note! Dance Magazine is the ideal publication for you. This publication features methods of efficient training, improving your choreography and many other articles on topics such as prima ballerinas, top-of-the-line dance companies and other dancing topics. Interested? Order your discount Dance Magazine subscription today!


Not sold yet? The features of Dance Magazine are rather extensive. The features are for budding dancers, containing exclusive interviews from dancers, choreographers and others prominent in the arts industry. Pick up an issue and you will meet the world’s best in this field, as well as articles centered on various dance programs and styles. Each issue provides you with the opportunity to learn something new, whether it is information on the profession or a particular dance move. Regular features include “Studio Talk” and “Choreography in Focus”. Both sections detail methods to improve your skills, or provide advice on developing as a dancer for success, as well as some solutions to common dance issues. Learning from the best helps all dancers improve.

Training and Competitions

Apart from discussing those prominent in the industry, features in Dance Magazine include details on training and competitions. Advice on effective training and strategies to prepare for competitions are two elements you will receive when reading the articles, as well as suggestions on the best competitions for your particular skill level. Effective training ideas include cross training, where strengthening all you muscles, rather than the ones used frequently, is crucial. Articles detailing this help with your training. You will also enjoy taking the time to read the informative features on the premier summer intensives and other programs designed to improve your dancing. The magazine even features a guide for dancers of college age. Therefore, Dance Magazine is written for dancers of different skill levels. The publication, in fact, provides you with enough details necessary to be a lifelong learner.

Health and Fitness

On top of assisting you with your dancing, Dance Magazine keeps you up to date with the latest health and fitness information. Articles discuss ways to keep eating healthy while traveling or dancing with a company. We all know dancing takes its toll on your body, so the importance to keep fit and healthy during this time is doubly so. This magazine provides you with the necessary, latest information to keep that body moving to the best of its ability!

Start progressing as a dancer with a discount magazine subscription to Dance Magazine today!