Girls World

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Perfect for girls ages 7-12, Girls' World is the ultimate guide to fun and living in a girl's world!

Being a kid can be hard - especially for girls. From bullying to all the media focus on body image and adult themes, girls are up against some pretty big stressors. Launched in 2013, Girls' World was designed to be a positive source of age-appropriate fun and information for young girls, giving them the girl-centered content they want, along with the inspiration and advice they need to develop into strong, confident teens.

With sections like "Your World," "Your Favorite Stars," "Get Crafty," "Juicy Reads," "Fun & Games," "Quiz Time," and "All About Animals," girls will get updates and ideas on all their favorite topics. They'll get a look into the lives of their favorite young stars for style tips as well as stories and advice they can relate to. They'll even get stories about real girls and women doing big things. Girls' World is packed with all kinds of fun stuff like DIY projects, artwork, quizzes, recipes, and even creative ideas for parties and activities with friends! Issues also often come with loads of free posters girls will love to decorate their room with. And they're sure to get their daily dose of cute with adorable animal photos, stories and even tips for owning a pet.

Making all girls feel included and proud, Girls' World regularly accepts reader artwork and project ideas. They also seek reader opinions through polls and ask girls to share their experiences. At Girls' World, every girl is special!