For Grades 4 & Up. Muse Is A Non-fiction Magazines Sponsored By Smithsonian Magazine, Including Its Research & Vast Collections. Exciting Articles On Topics Range From Art To Zoology.

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What Is Muse Magazine All About?

Muse Magazine can be described as two things. What are these two things? These two things are no other than very educational and entertaining in detail. It is a publication that is geared towards children ages 10 and up. Parents and kids will love looking through all of the periodicals and becoming acquainted with all of the Muses! The topics that are featured in this wonderful magazine range greatly. Some of the subjects that are highlighted include Greek and Norse myths to geography. Your children will enjoy reading about all of them. There is also many fun features that your little boy or little girl will love. It will inspire a love for learning in them. Please do order a discount Muse Magazine subscription today for your youngsters.

Introducing The Muses

Each and every issue of Muse Magazine will introduce the same set of characters in it. These characters are special and your child will grow to love them a great deal. There is a total of nine muses in number. Each muse has their very own specialty. Kokopelli is one of these muses. He will provide your child with lots of mirth that is endless. He has many silly tunes and tricks that will capture your child's attention. The muses for hardware and software are called Chad and Aeiou. Your child will also fall for Bo. Bo is the muse that delivers the very interesting factoids. Urania is the muse for astronomy. Urania helps children to learn about astronomy with every new issue. The muses named Feather and Pwt are for plants and animals. Crraw, is the cow, and this cow muse enjoys his bad poetry a whole lot. Your son or daughter will also get a real good laugh from the poems too. The last and remaining muse is no other than Mimi. Mimi is the one muse that loves to teach children all about the ways to get along with others. Every kid seems to adore all of the muses and so will yours as well.

Endless Fun Topics

The topics that are featured in Muse Magazine are numerous in number. Each issue of Muse Magazine is special unto itself and based on one specific topic. The regular features in the magazine are also connected to the main subject of the magazine issue itself. With just one full subscription, your child will be exposed to a multitude of subjects to learn from and all about. Some of these topics do include mythology, health, science, history, art, geography, weather, cultures, and many more topics that are infinite. All of the subjects that are covered in Muse Magazine are educational and interesting in approach. You will get plenty of enjoyment watching your son or daughter get a real kick out of learning about numerous topics. The learning is something that is very fun and a true discovery in delivery. This spot on periodical is spot-on for helping kids to want to learn more

Lots of Real A-muse-ments

Muse Magazine is jam packed with lots of pure entertaining features with each and every issue. Your child will look forward with anticipation to read all of the jokes and comics with each magazine. The "Muserologist" does feature tons of stories and book recommendations to read. There is even an opportunity for your very own child to submit his or her own stories or experiences in an effort to become the next issue's"Muserologist." Muse Magazine also encourages kids to submit their own jokes and photos to be featured within the pages of this awesome magazine. There is endless challenges, as well as, illustrated recipes with every edition to encourage hands-on learning for boys and girls. 

Your child can start learning today and having lots of fun by ordering their very own discount Muse Magazine subscription today! Muse Magazine is just one of the many premium magazines that is in the group of fine discount magazine subscriptions.