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Filled With Lively Stories & Poems, Fascinating Articles & Intriguing Puzzles, Games And Projects Designed To Capture The Hearts And Minds Of Beginning Readers, Grades 1-3.

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Working with Imagination

Spider magazine offers something of interest for every child from age six to nine. Each edition offers a wide variety of fascinating non-fiction articles, enticing poetry, and exciting works of fiction, so your child will find something to enjoy every time. Now is a good time to sign up for Spiderfor discount magazine subscriptions.

The gang's all here, in every issue

Each edition of Spider includes a buggy gang of six friends your child will love and look forward to reading about in each new issue. Spider, of course, is the magazine's namesake. Spider is joined by Ophelia, the wise and all-knowing praying mantis, and Sam the caterpillar, who is curious about all things science. Ez Miro, a mushroom who enjoys French cooking, introduces new recipes you can make with your child. Sonya the damselfly bursts into each issue with a ton of energy and enthusiasm. Rounding out the gang is Thistle, the steadfast and slow weevil. 

Making reading fun

Each Spider character loves a different genre of literature, providing your child with a ton of opportunities to read for enjoyment. Every issue includes different types of literature - poetry, fiction and non-fiction - allowing your child to learn about the world in a variety of ways. You will enjoy watching your youngster experience a variety of forms of expression. They will be having so much fun, they won't realize they are actually learning.


In addition to reading opportunities, Spider has activities your child will enjoy with you or doing on their own. Interspersed among the stories and poetry are coloring pages, jokes and riddles, drawing opportunities, games and even a few recipes you and your child will want to try. Each issue is guaranteed to offer hours of fun.

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