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Brings To Life The Magical World Of Thomas & Friends For Early Learners. Filled With Charming Stories, A Collectible Poster, Educational Activities And More.

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Trouble on the Tracks?

Thomas & Friends is a magazine that is published by Redan Fun to Learn. It is a publication that is jam-packed with numerous activities that your child will love. Children between the ages of two and seven are suggested to read this very engaging magazine. Children love this magazine so much. They do look forward to getting it for themselves every other month. When you subscribe to this magazine. Your child will be able to get lots of fun with your order. Therefore, do order a subscription of Thomas & Friends today, you won't regret it!

Engaging and Creative Stories

Each issue of Thomas & Friends does feature stories that are all about the adventures of Thomas the Tank Engine and all of his friends. What makes Thomas & Friends so wonderful is the sheer fun and excitement that youngers will have with every encounter that is on the Island of Sodor. Your child is assured of falling in love with the stories that are told in this magazine and will want to hear them again and again. Your little boy or girl won't just fall in love with the stories themselves. He or she will also begin to cultivate a real love for reading. They will love reading so much that they will be doing it for the rest of their lives. 

Lots of Wonderful Activities With Every Issue!

Thomas & Friends is also loaded up with very interesting activities for kids to do. This is something that comes along with every issue of this fabulous magazine. What are some of these activities? Some of the activities do include a workbook, poster, as well as, games and puzzles. What kids generally do is after they read the stories. They then go on to do the activities in the magazine. All of the activities are related to the stories that are featured in the magazine itself. There is also activities for parents and kids to do together. These special activities are done to cultivate and promote the loving relationship between the both of you as a family unit. 

Many Activities That Go Well Beyond The Issue Itself

Children do have a tendency to tire after sitting and reading a story. The very same can be said about him or her doing a puzzle or other activity that is featured in the magazine. What is also great about Thomas & Friends is this. There is so many other activities that go beyond the issue of the magazine itself. What does this mean? This means that there is lots of hands-on activities and crafts that are also suggested within the pages of Thomas & Friends. What you get with this totally great magazine is a wide variety of fun things for a child to make and do with every issue that he or she gets. It doesn't matter how old your child is exactly. Each and every activity in this area is easily adjustable to work along with the reader age range. Parents will also adore spending time with this children to do the suggested projects and crafts that allow both to get creative with their imagination. 

Please do subscribe to Thomas & Friends today. This is so, you can give your child, countless hours of fun. The little ones will definitely love it. Thomas & Friends Magazine is just one of the many fantastic publications that is in the discount magazine subscriptions group at present. Get a huge discount off of the cost of Thomas & Friends magazine by getting a subscription today!