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Kids Animal Magazine. Ages 0-3

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To cultivate wildlife interest for children between the ages of zero and three the best educational publication for them is Zoobies magazine. On other hand if your child has already shown interest in the outdoors or wildlife, this is the magazine for you. With facts about its habitat, life cycle, and parents, every publication is dedicated to a particular baby animal. You baby will not only enjoy the interactive activity section of each issue with you, but also love learning about various animals. With a discount subscription to Zoobies, bring the zoo home!


As Much variety as a Zoo


Apart from being enthusiastic to learn about animals, all children love them. Each month you child will be eager to learn about a new animal; therefore, will look forward to receiving the Zoobies magazine. The beautiful illustrations and photographs featured in the issues will inspire the curiosity of children of any age and will motivate them to learn more about their environment.


Fun and Interesting Facts


All the facts in every Zoobies issue are correct as the scientific community and wildlife experts from the zoo work together in ensuring that everything published is true. To cultivate children interests about wildlife and educate them about the world around them is the aim of this magazine. With every issue you will love seeing your children learn something. While learning about the animal, your child will love looking at the beautiful and colorful photographs of various animals and their habitats.


Active Activities


Zoobies magazine knows that most children don’t sit still reading for long and that is why each issue has an interactive section. With your help, in each issue you will love how much your child loves playing educational games. The many game activities included in each issue are great for all children. Each magazine includes the poster of that issue’s feature animal.


You child will love Zoobies magazine, if he/she loves animals, make your discount subscription order today!