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Batman Begins

Batman Magazine is dedicated to the life and knowledge of millionaire Bruce Wayne. Mr. Wayne is not just an ordinary man he is a crime fighter that is dedicated to the cause of justice. When Mr. Wayne fights against crime, he becomes his alter ego Batman. As the Dark Knight takes on vicious criminals, insane lunatics and violent offenders you will understand why he has to protect the city of Gotham. Get your copy of Batman magazine to read about this iconic superhero and his legendary exploits.


Batman Magazine will explain the origins of Bruce Wayne. When Mr. Wayne was born his life was filled with happy days and joyous times. Eventually, his life took a dark turn. One night while young Bruce was out with his parents, they were mugged and killed by a random criminal. This was a life altering experience for Wayne. This even had shaped his idea about justice and fighting back against criminals and their senseless crimes. The Batman has become the hero that Gotham City needs, even though he is not always wanted or appreciated by the people.


In Batman magazine you will discover the abilities and skills that the Dark Knight possesses. He was not born with superpowers like many other heroes. Batman has learned his abilities and he such a skilled crime fighter that villains fear him the most. His martial arts skills are phenomenal and he is a highly trained and efficient combat strategist. Batman was very well trained to develop these abilities. He also has amazing deductive skills. His massive amount of wealth and resources helps him to develop tools, technology and weapons against the criminals in Gotham City. Batman magazine will reveal the abilities and skills that Batman possesses to fight against the criminal element.


Bruce Wayne has a group of people that he loves, but he has managed to push most of them away. His trusted Butler Alfred, is the closest thing that he has to family that he has left. Will Bruce find happiness? Will he be able to live a normal life? Does he have to try and defeat every criminal in Gotham City? Read each issue of Batman magazine to discover the answer to these questions. You should subscribe to this comic today and read about Gotham City’s greatest hero who is known as the Batman.