Detective Comics

Bat Tales, Where He Has Trained Himself To Be The World's Greatest Detective, Using His Skills To Fight Crime. Part Of The Superman/batman Group.

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Unleash Your Imagination

It's the comic magazine after which a company and a universe is named. The home publication of none other than Bruce Wayne himself, the original playboy vigilante Batman, Detective Comics has been being published since the 1930s and keeps moving from strength to strength.

As one of DC's flagship titles, it's always supported by some of the best talent in comics, including current writer Tony S. Daniel as well as acclaimed runs in the past by names as big as Bob Haney and Neal Adams, not to mention forgotten legend and Batman creator Bill Finger.

Many eager readers make sure they keep up to date on the caped crusader's continued adventures via discount magazine subscriptions, and now's a fantastic time to join them.


There isn't anyone who doesn't know the names of Batman, Robin, and the Joker, to say nothing of Commissioner Gordon and Catwoman. But fans of the CW series Arrow may be delighted to see the original inspirations for some of the series' most striking villains within the pages of Detective Comics, and being able to keep up to date on the adventures of original Robin AKA Dick Grayson, current Red Robin AKA Tim Drake, and Bruce's son Damian Wayne, the current boy wonder, is an absolute must. New characters are being developed all the time, some of whom will go on to become the legendary characters of tomorrow.

The Centerpiece

Batman is one of the DC setting's biggest names, and his interactions with Superman and Wonder Woman form an integral part of the setting's major dynamic. Detective Comics is one of the anchorpoints of the whole comic universe, and everyone who's everyone passes through Gotham city eventually, bringing the city alive and adding real drama to the efforts of the world's greatest detective. Discount magazine subscriptions to Detective Comics keep this scintillating universe alive and vivid in the eyes of its fans.