Features Dick Grayson, The Original Robin, In His Current Identity As Nightwing.
A Dc Comic Book.

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Sidekicks' Stardom

We all love superheroes but sometimes their sidekicks get left in the shadows. Nightwing addresses this issue. You'll love reading about the adventures of Wonderboy, Robin of Batman fame. Reading about how he becomes a superhero in his own right will keep you glued to the page with each issue. Make sure to order your discount subscription of Nightwing today and get stuck into the adventures of Wonderboy!


Dick Grayson's childhood was far from idyllic. His family were brutally murdered as a youngster, but Bruce Wayne was on hand to take him under his wing. He was soon introduced to the superhero world of Bruce's alter-ego, namely, Batman. Before long he was joining the Caped Crusader in his fight against crime and in the ongoing fight for justice, and thus was born Batman & Robin. Eventually Robin grew tired of being in Batman's shadow and branched off on his own crime fighting adventures. He became Nightwings and a superhero to be reckoned with!


Dick was brought up in a circus and learned staggering gymnastic abilities during his youth. Abilities he later employed in his fight against crime in the city of Gotham. Not only does Dick Grayson possesses incredible physical abilities but also has formidable mental prowess and powers of deduction. During his partnership with Batman he also learned martial arts, a skill that serves him well as he fights the villains of the metropolis.


Criminals need to beware as Nightwings is watching. The fearless superhero of Gotham sees that criminals are brought to justice and taken to Arkham. Employing methods he learned while with Batman, Nightwings is determined not to fall into the same mental darkness that sometimes overshadows his one time partner Bruce Wayne. Not only must he battle the villains of the city, but also his own feelings and stave of cynicism.

Be sure to order your subscription of Nightwings today and get in on the action of Gotham City as Boy Wonder time and again sees justice prevail!