Wonder Woman

Diana Discovers That The Men Out To Kill Her And The Other Surviving Amazons Are Only The Tip Of The Iceberg...but Can Even Wonder Woman Survive Her Battle With The Horrific Creatures Called The Keres?

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Wonder Woman: Defender of the Universe

Wonder Woman magazine is a DC comic heroine and she is member of the Justice League with other heroes such as Batman, Superman, the Green Lantern and Aquaman. Wonder Woman struggles against all types of foes and she even battle against her warrior upbringing. She constantly evaluates her commitment to keeping peace on Earth from deadly adversaries who seek to destroy it. Once you start to follow along in the magazine you will quickly discover how she protects the world from evil.


Wonder Woman's real name is Princess Diana and she is a co-ruler over the immortal Amazons. When an army pilot named Steve Trevor crashed onto the Amazonian Island he discovered their hidden location. Princess Diana decided to take Trevor back to his world but she ends up getting more trouble than she bargained for. Soon, Princess Diana is exposed to the world that we know and her life is thrust into chaos and confusion as she tries to adjust. Along the way, the princess realizes that there plenty of dark forces trying to eliminate the Earth or to enslave the people.


Since Wonder Woman was raised as a warrior she has many powerful abilities. She was trained to be an excellent fighter and uses her skill exceptionally. Her bulletproof bracelets can block bullets and knife attacks. Enemies also have to be aware of her magic lasso of truth which is able to force any person to reveal their true intentions and motives. Wonder Woman also has super strength, invulnerability agility and a healing factor. Her abilities and weapons help her to blend in within society and to become an excellent heroine to stop dangerous foes.

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In each issue of Wonder Woman you will find out how Princess Diana adjusts in her role as a regular Earth woman. Remember, when she is not taking down villains she lives her life as a normal female as a part of her cover. For her, trying to fit in can be more challenging than trying to stop an evil tyrant from taking over the world. However, you will also notice how she is ready to keep the peace and enforce justice in this magazine. Wonder Woman is such a great magazine that subscribers will have a hard time being patient for the next issue. You should definitely subscribe to Wonder Woman magazine and follow the life of Princess Diana.