Southern Cast Iron

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Delight in the tastes of the South with a subscription to Southern Cast Iron! The magazine covers classic staples to new trends in home cooking, highlighting recipes and advice from collectors, chefs, and foundries using iconic cast iron cookware.

Readers will learn how to make traditional recipes from the American South on the stovetop and in a Dutch oven - from skillet suppers to sides and even desserts! Some recipes in various issues of the magazine range from fried green tomatoes to spicy gumbo and juicy pork chops. Those with a sweet tooth will love the recipes for strawberry skillet cake, chocolate brownies, and apple pie.

Readers will also learn the history of cast iron cookware, which became widely popular among homemakers in the 19th and 20th centuries for its durability and ability to hold heat for a long time. Also discover tips and tricks like how to maintain an even cooking temperature and how to properly clean and care for your pans.