Asimov's Science Fiction

Short Science Fiction & Fantasy. Fantastic Stories Of Other Worlds & Future Visions Written By The Best Sci-fi Authors.

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The Great Encourager of New Talent 

The "Good Doctor" of Science Fiction, as Isaac Asimov was known, spent the last decades of his life as a great encourager of new talent, compiling dozens of anthologies which he was willing to put his stamp of approval on, to bring great writers to wider attention.

He founded the magazine that bears his name as an extension of that, installing George Scithers as the first editor. George would regularly feature stories which would go on to win awards and his editing and nurturing of young writers earned him many of his own - a tradition that has remained in the magazine, which has consistently been one of the magazines with high circulation in discount magazine subscriptions.

Authors And Artists

Stunning cover and internal artists have become much-loved contributors to the magazine, creating a wonderful ambiance in which to enjoy the stories within. But, of course, from Isaac Asimov to Connie Willis, from Stephen Baxter to Kelly Link, the core attraction of Asimov's Science Fiction has been the authors who contribute, whose names include many of the biggest in the field - from when they were unknowns and onward.

The magazine is a little larger than most, with more space per page and a greater number of pages per issue. And that's important to all the subscribers; value for money is important, especially to those smart enough to hunt out discount magazine subscriptions. Each of the ten issues a year is a treat for every reader.


As well as an array of stories - some of which are very short, others almost full novels, occasionally serialized across multiple issues (another advantage, of course, of the subscription model) - any given issue boasts poetry, essays on advances in science, and articles on science fiction itself, plus book and film reviews to keep you abreast of the field as a whole. Asimov's Science Fiction magazine guarantees everyone with discount magazine subscriptions the very best in science fiction, whatever the form they're interested in.

If you're a fan, or simply know one, you know that this is the best present out there.