Features Startling Developments In Science, Technology & Medicine And How It Affects Our World.

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Let the the Mind Adventure Begin!

If you love new developments in technology, science and medicine, then get ready for an exciting adventure with Discover Magazine.Every time you open the magazine it will captivate you with breathtaking photography and stimulating stories about the world around us from some of the greatest minds in science.

Every issue of Discovery contains:

>> Up to the minute reports, news,theories and advancements in the science world.

>>The latest and greatest in space exploration.

>> Irresistible stories and discoveries in health, medical breakthroughs and the mind.

>> How the environment around us is relevant to our daily lives.

>> Why the newest technology is important and the potential impact on our future.

>> Provocative features from reactionary scientists, Nobel laureates, award-winning editors and those in the know.

Discover magazine is not only for scientists wanting to keep up in all areas of science, but is alsogreat learning tool for students and wonderful discussion starters for parents who want to expand the minds of their children.

All articles are well written and easy to understand,taking complex, theoretical and sometimes hard to understand concepts and making themsimple to comprehend. A great resourceand is recommended for teachers at all levels who want to pass on their love of science to their students through interesting articles, blog posts and the comprehensive website.

Even scientific newbies will benefit from the vast expanse of knowledge ideas and resources availablein the magazine.

As a subscriber you will not only get the magazine in your choice of print or digital copy, you will also get special access to online material not available anywhere else, special issuesand back access to past issues.

From the amateur scientist to top scientists in their field to just the curious you can find everything you need to satisfy your scientific cravings.

Discover Magazine. Candy for your mind.