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Revolutionizes The Science And Technology Category In The Us With A Perfect Balance Of Science, Nature, Psychology And Current Events.

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Bright Minds Great Breakthroughs

iD: Ideas & Discoveries is a modern educational publication that offers you access to current information regarding modern science and cutting edge technology. This magazine covers a myriad of subjects about which to learn, which include science, history, psychology, nature, and related, contemporary events. To stay up-to-date with the latest technology and scientific studies, take advantage of a discount magazine subscription to iD: Ideas & Discoveries magazine!

Science & Nature

In each new issue of iD: Ideas & Discoveries, you'll discover novel scientific discoveries before your friends and family. Each edition enjoyably educates you on comprehensive articles about health, medicine, and other scientific and technological discoveries and their history of development, including the natural phenomenon of which you might not be aware. From subjects such as, the deterioration of the Great Barrier Reef to developing a clear understanding of sand tsunamis, you'll delight in reading about natural science and technology in this publication.

Historical & Contemporary Events

iD: Ideas & Discoveries grants you access to an excellent source of historical information in addition to thorough coverage about current trends and events making history in science and technology right now! Each highly anticipated issue offers a unique perspective about the subject matter it presents. One magazine article might analyze recently released government documents about clandestine operations involving John F. Kennedy's assassination, while another article may cover the contemporary war on terror. No matter what subject you're learning about, you'll always be up-to-date when you have the advantage of a discount subscription to this savvy publication.

Revolutionary Technology

Not only does this unique publication keeps you informed about the latest trends and the history of new developments in science, but it also affords you an education in the wide variety of technologies that are in current development. Being educated in novel technology, you'll be able to better ponder how these recent developments will impact your life as a unique individual. From currently trending technology, such as the new processors developed by Apple to subjects that are less common, such as cancer research technology, you'll adore reading about science and technology that's taking place all around you. Take advantage of this cost-effective, enriching opportunity by ordering your discount magazine subscription to iD: Ideas & Discoveries magazine!