Cbs Soaps In Depth

In Depth Coverage Of Only Cbs Soaps. Gives Readers The Detailed Scoop Behind All Of Their Favorite Cbs Soaps.

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All About CBS Soaps!

Published biweekly and alternating with ABC Soaps in Depth, CBS Soaps in Depth Magazine is the best source for all your favorite CBS soaps; cast news, rumors about upcoming episodes, more explanation and clarity on recent revelations, and much more. All the biggest soap aficionados make sure they have discount magazine subscriptions for both sister publications, but getting even one for your channel of choice is a great help in getting the very most out of your favorite shows.

Missed An Episode?

Even in this day and age, backed up with DVRs and TiVos, we all miss shows. A power outage at the wrong time, a recording error, a glitch in the Season Pass... they happen, and they happen to all of us. But if they happen to the episode with the revelation you in particular have been waiting for. The episode synopses in each episode of Soaps in Depth mean that if you miss a broadcast of Guiding Light, As The World Turns, The Young & the Restless or The Bold & The Beautiful, you're going to have missed nothing - and as your collection grows, you'll be able to check back on new revelations and see how they build from the past!

Inside Stories

If you're anything like the millions of other soap addicts out there, it's not just the stories themselves that you follow but the cast and crew involved. Both Soaps in Depth magazines offer you insight into the lives and work of the people responsible for your favorite soaps, keeping you up to date with everything going on in their lives. And you'll find that they can also keep you aware of big news in the pipeline, even cluing you in on the dates you won't want to miss.

Discount magazine subscriptions to both sister publications are readily available and the perfect gift to that soap fan in your life, as well as being the obvious treat for yourself.