Brings You The Glamor And Inside Scoop On Your Favorite Stars.

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Fresh Gossips!

All the gossip, all the news, and the explanations of that news by experts are all to be found within the pages of OK! magazine. This weekly publication will keep you up to date with celebrities in Hollywood and beyond, charting their fashion, their private lives, changing hairstyles and so much more - up to and including the exclusives the magazine is often offered during special events.

There's only one sensible way to keep up with the news of the great and the glamorous, and that's OK! And to make sure you receive every issue, you need to look at discount magazine subscriptions.


OK!'s entertainment news reporters are always out there and always active, and the result is that entertainment news forms the spine of the magazine, making sure you always know who's broken up with who as well as who did what to who. All your favorite stars will appear each issue, so you'll always know the latest developments, no matter what happens.

Photos and Style

And whether you want to see them at their best or their worst, the exclusive photos that OK! is packed with will deliver. They'll open their lives up and let you see the ins and outs of fame, bringing it closer to you than ever before, especially when you consider the number of celebrities who have discount magazine subscriptions themselves.


Every week's OK! magazine will cover one or more exclusive scoops with photos on the astonishing goings-on of the celebrity Hollywood gang. You'll find out things reading OK! that no other magazine can deliver. Whoever you want to follow, you're going to learn more about them with an OK! subscription than through any other route, and can you really afford not to know what's going on?

Let yourself be inspired by the stars of Hollywood. Buy a subscription to OK! magazine and keep your finger on the pulse.