Tea Time

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6 (prison restricted)

First published in 2006, Tea Time is the go-to source for all things tea and tea party-related. Readers will find informative articles on teat brewing and preparation, tea parties and dances, and will also find delicious recipes that help round out the perfect tea experience. From tearoom and food profiles to beautiful color photography, Tea Time helps celebrate the tea enthusiast lifestyle.

Some of the most popular regular sections include the following: "Necessary Things," offering recommendations for tea products related to the issue's theme; "The Complete Table," a tablescape inspired by the issue's theme; "Tea Event Calendar," offering a rundown of must-attend tea events; "The Perfect Cup," offering insights into the world of tea; "The Tea Experience," a travel story that highlights the tea venues from a certain city or region; "The Fine Print," which is a review of books about tea, as well as the tea-related drinking experience; and "Our Favorites," which contains reviews about a certain type of tea in every issue.