Videomaking Instructions & Advice For Video Camera Users.

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Playing Back Memories

The art of video editing has come a long way since the early days of film. Better home cameras, then home video, followed by more and more affordable CGI rendering software, and, lately, digital video have brought the capacity to make videos into almost every home, and a glance at YouTube will show you how many people now adopt it as one of their hobbies, even their primary hobby.

All the same, that time browsing through YouTube will also show you examples that remind the editor how much more they have to learn, and which remind them how far they've come.

One of the best ways to come along faster and to become an inspiration to others in time is to start collecting Videomaker magazine, something most easily done by adding it to your Discount Magazine subscriptions.

How To

A tutorial on one aspect or another of video making is the centerpiece to every issue, dealing with things like tips for the novice, editing to a soundtrack, covering up errors with smart cuts, pacing, composition, and pretty much any aspect of video making you could care to name. Sooner or later they all get covered by this comprehensive magazine - and, as software and technology move on, these tutorials are returned to, and even updated!


As sharp as those tutorials are, they're not the only reason that Videomaker magazine has collected so many discount magazine subscriptions across the country - because as well as all that, the keen staff at Videomaker are always examining the newest video technology and editing software, putting it to the test, and evaluating it both for novice use and according to how well it can pull off all the tricks the professionals rely on.

Whether you just want to put your thoughts online in a "vlog" or are hoping to make a career from your skill in this fine art, every issue of Videomaker magazine has something to interest you and something to help you develop your skills. There's no good reason not to start collecting today!