Action Comics

Superman Continues His Adventures In The Comic Book Where He Made His Debut In 1938.

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Action Comics

Action Comics # 1 debuted on April 18, 1938, introducing not just one of the longest-running comics of all time, but one of the most recognizable figures of all time (and the first superhero), Superman.The original cover price of the comic was ten cents, but in August of 2014 became the first collectible comic in history to sell for more than three million dollars, thus making it the most valuable comic in the world.

Although Action Comics is closely associated with Superman, and has been a Superman solo title, frequently continuing the storylines begun in Superman’s title comic for decades, it was originally an anthology book, featuring several characters. Some, like the magician Zatara are still around today, while some, like Americommando, Vigilante and Hayfoot Harry are long gone.The comic also introduced many staples of the Superman mythos, such as Lois Lane, Jimmy Olson, Lex Luthor, the power of flight and x-ray vision for Superman, the Fortress of Solitude, the Toyman, Braniac and the Bottle City of Kandor.

There was also a storyline in the comic co-written by Richard Donner, who directed 1978’s Superman movie, that introduced his movie characters Zod, Ursa and Non into the comic book universe.In 1989, over fifty years after its introduction, Action went from being a monthly to being a weekly title, and returned to its anthology roots. The new title featured adventures of Green Lantern, Captain Marvel, Blackhawk, Catwoman and Nightwing.Action Comics’ original run ceased in June 2011 with issue 904, but was relaunched the following September as part of the massive “New 52” storyline that basically recreated the entire DC Universe.

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