The Leading Consumer & Lifestyle Magazine For People With Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Each Helpful Issue Includes Timely Information From Health Experts On Diagnosis & Treatment Options.

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Strategies and Support for People with ADHD and LD

ADDitude magazine is a that caters to people with attention deficit disorder. This magazine was created in 1998 by a journalist named Ellen Kingsley. This magazine gives clear, accurate and user-friendly information concerning children rearing, ADD diagnosis and treatments and it helps subscribers to discover a community of people for support and help with this issue.

ADDitude is distributed by New Hope Media in New York. There are articles related to ADD, ADHD and dyslexia. Subscribers can also find out information about alternative therapy treatments that will help their children to manage this condition and they can read about how they can make changes to their child's environment when they have ADD. This magazine also provides information about the best way to calm a person with ADD. There is also information about adult ADD and how older people with this disorder can manage it.

There is a website that accompanies this magazine and it was created in 2007. It has an archive that subscribers can use to find information from past publications. The site also has a FAQ page that is answered by experts, bloggers, discussion forums for ADHD and a directory for ADHD service providers located in different areas of the country. Visitors can also use the site's resources to figure out where they can find help within their local community.

ADDitude magazine focuses on the lives of people and not just a bunch of cold hard facts about ADD. The advice is great and useful for parents with ADD children. Subscribers can learn about how various people with ADD copes with this condition and the the methods they use to handle episodes when their medications are not working correctly. This periodical is a discount magazine subscription and users can order it at a reduce rate. Get your ADDitude magazine subscription today and find new ways to handle this condition without problems or fuss.