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The History, Culture And Technology Of Flight.

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The History, Culture, and Technology of Flight

Air & Space magazine is a publication of the internationally recognized and respected Smithsonian Institute. This publication gives you the most current information on modern avionics, military, space, aviation, the history of flight, and valuable insights from some of the most famous pilots in the world. This magazine is for anyone with an interest in modern, historic and future flight, space and the military as each issue is jam packed with valuable and accurate information. Order your discount subscription of Air & Space magazine to start enjoying your favorite topics today.

Modern and historic flight

When you order your subscription to Air & Space today, you'll start learning about the history of flight in this educational publication that teaches history as well as updates you on current events. You'll learn about different models of airplanes throughout the years, including the gamut of experimental craft, jets, turboprops and many others. See how far technology has advanced the area of flight and space travel. Learn about historic flights that happened during World War I with historical accounts as told by the pilots that were actually there and flew the missions. The Daily Planet is a section in each issue that keeps you up to date on travel impacts both on earth and in space. You'll be fascinated with the facts that you can read about in this publication, and won't want to set it down.

Explore space from the comfort of home

Each issue of Air & Space is packed with interesting and informative articles about space travel, current technology and what is happening in the space program. Find out about the hundreds of experiments with live organisms that are being conducted in space and find out why they're being done. Learn about how these programs can benefit the human race in the future. Your subscription to Air & Space will keep you connected with the interesting and important information that matters to each of us.

Past and current military operations

Read about the pilots and airplanes that helped to protect America from the threat of invasion from other forces. Air & Space magazine brings you information about the bravery of these men and the technology that was used historically. You'll also learn about how these aircraft have evolved and how the modern day pilots have had to follow suit in learning new technology and strategies to keep our nation safe from harm. 

Order your discount subscription of Air & Space today, for the most exciting education about how the topics of air and space have a tremendous impact on our quality of life!