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Provides Comprehensive & In Depth To Help Nurses Stay Current In Their Professions.

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Life of a Nurse

Nursing is a profession filled with lifelong learning. If you want to stay up to date on cutting edge procedures and breaking nursing news, the American Journal of Nursing is perfect for you. Keeping you informed about the latest practices and best ways to improve your patients' experience, this peer-reviewed publication offers exciting how-to articles and the most relevant and up to date research. With discount magazine subscriptions to the American Journal of Nursing, you can be sure that you will stay informed and educated about your profession.

Current Practices

In each monthly issue, you will find out more about the latest practices and current technology that helps you to provide the highest standard of care for your patients. Whether you want to find out more about charting patients' vital statistics or learn an improved vein finding technique, the American Journal of Nursing has all the answers. Benefiting both you and your patients alike, this publication will aid you to improve and hone your skills.

Recent Research

Keeping you abreast of the latest clinical trials and cutting edge research, the American Journal of Nursing offers fascinating articles on a huge range of topics. From obesity and cancer to survival of pathogens and specific diseases, you may even find life saving information in this informative journal. Impress your superiors with your new found knowledge and show your dedication to your patient's health and well being.

How To Guides

The American Journal of Nursing is the closest thing you can get to hands on experience. Outlining useful and detailed advice about the best way to carry out a range of procedures, each article has been supplied by professionals just like you. This publication truly helps you to stay at the top of your profession and ensures that you are ready to carry out any procedure.

Continue your professional development today with discount magazine subscriptions to the American Journal of Nursing!