American Survival Guide

In American Survival Guide, You Will Get Everything You Need To Know When Disaster Strikes And Self-reliance Means The Difference Between Living And Dying.

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The American Survival Guide Magazine

This magazine offers the best discount magazine subscription and gives you the great method for survival. It covers a wide range of topics and issues on how to defeat the uncertain deluge. When you are tossed to a headlong cataclysm, where things are seemingly unbearable this is your compass. From a simple, effective way of growing organic plants from your home to portable water, and even dealing with the outrage, this is your defense. This magazine is more than just a magazine, it is a tool, your life saver. To someone in the profession always on the battlefield, this is for him. For housewives and even families who wanted to prepare the future difficulties, they can learn a 72-hour kit from this magazine.

What this magazine is For?

Nature is powerful. It can create and destroy life without hesitation or permission from anyone. Being in the midst of the unknown path where you are exactly trapped to relaxation and confidence in your mind not knowing what comes the day after. Preparedness is not an entitlement, but it must be a way of life. Self-reliance means the difference between living and dying. This is a fact! We are counseled to be prepared at all times, in all things and in all places. This AMERICAN SURVIVAL GUIDE magazine has all the answer to how a survival must be in times of your need. It focuses on being independent and self-reliant. 

Stay Alive

This Magazine delves into one purpose and its vocation to deliver life's basic means of living and not dying. Some issues about health and food or even a low-calorie cooking, having a new healthy recipe at home, safety buying fresh vegetables and others. It mentions a lot of being meticulous enough that we will not fall into danger or may jeopardize our lives. These things matter a lot especially if we are, dealing with some illness and family problems like finance shortage or saving for a home and preventive measures on our behalf. It is keeping our eyes on the prize of life and keeping us away from the sterns or extremity. 

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