Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Provides An Unbeatable Combination Of Stimulation Fiction Stories, Provocative Editorials, And Fascinating Science-fact Articles. Explore The Boundaries Of The Imagination Beginning At The Frontiers Of Actual Scientific Research.

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Analog Science Fiction and Fact is an American science fiction magazine, which is enjoyed around the world. It was originally published in 1930 and was called “Astounding Stories.” In February 1931, the original name Astounding Stories of Super-Science was shortened to Astounding Stories. Its current name came about after several different name changes, like Astounding Science-Fiction in 1938. In 1992, its logo changed to incorporate the term “fiction and fact,” rather than the other way around. Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine premise is the longest running published sci-fi magazine.

This science publication is consistently nominated for various awards and they have an Alexa rating of about 691,000. It is a top publication that is also housed in the library of the International Space Station archives. Under the editorialship of John W. Campbell, Analog Science Fiction and Fact and its earlier publications enticed great sci-fi minds like Isaac Asimov, Robert Heinlein, and L. Ron Hubbard, to submit articles. Additional renowned writers have included Poul Anderson, Spider Robinson, Lois McMaster Bujold, and Michael F. Flynn.

This astounding sci-fi based magazine has also introduced new talented writers, such as its own John W. Campbell, Julia Ecklar, and Michael A. Burstein. Featured articles and stories have also won many Hugo and Nebula Awards, not only for its contents, but because of the magazine's innovative and imaginative illustrations, by renowned artists, such as Kelly Freas, Vincent di Fate, Bob Eggleton, and Jim Burns.

For over 80 years, the premise of the Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine, is considered an enduring and popular magazine of science fiction. Its articles are based on realistic stories that reflect high standards of scientific accuracy, information, imagination, and active articles about current research on the ever evolving frontiers of real science. Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine is a mixture of fascinating stories about real people in potentially real futures. It contains fact inspired articles and columns, about evolving trends in science and its impact on society, plus there are reviews of new books, plus an ongoing dialog column with readers.

The Analog Science Fiction and Fact magazine features real science and technology, that continue from its Astounding Stories publication. As a matter of fact, one story that was published during World War II, described an atomic bomb, before Hiroshima, so succinctly, that the FBI visited John Campbell to find out how they knew about the possibility of this bomb. Fearing a leak they grilled everyone at the magazine, but it was discovered that there was no leak, just forward-thinking, creative writers. This type of writing is exemplified in its bi-monthly submissions of John G. Cramer who highlights the scientific evidence of changes taking place in physics and astronomy.

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