Angels On Earth

Stories Of God's Messengers And Their Work In Today's World. From Guideposts.

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Angels Exist!

Do angels still visit us? With an Angels On Earth discount magazine subscription, you'll read uplifting stories of the angels around us, including the ones you might not realize are angels at first glance. This bi-monthly magazine is for anyone who might have wondered if angels really exist or think an angel might have touched their lives at some point.

Have you ever smelled your deceased grandmother's favorite perfume even though you don't see anyone else in the room? Have you ever experienced a coincidence in your life that can only be explained by the presence of a friend you've lost contact with? These may be the angels you don't see but are present and still working in your life anyway. You might even experience the angels that are still with us, like an estranged sister who has managed to turn her life around and wants to renew the relationship or a stranger who helps change your tire when you're stuck by the side of the road. Your spirit may even be refreshed by the innocent smile of an angel in the form of a child with a developmental disability. These are the kind of stories that Angels On Earth publishes on a regular basis.

Angels On Earth can help you recognize the angels in your own life through the regular publication of stories with events that can only be explained by the presence of angels. The angel might be the one who accompanies your hymns on a saxophone even though you can't see where the music is coming from or a deceased father who dances with you in your dreams. When you miss someone terribly, that person might find a way to send you a message that comforts you if you are ready to receive it.

The Angels On Earth discount magazine subscription makes an excellent gift for anyone who wonders if angels still move in our world or thinks that an especially vivid dream about a deceased loved one might have been a message from Heaven. If you have a story like this, you might try sending it in to the publishers to see if they might be interested. This magazine can help to restore your faith in the angels we encounter in our daily lives and reassure you that you aren't alone if you think you might have had an encounter with a real angel and want to know for sure