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Animal Tales Is The Perfect Magazine For Animal-loving Kids Between The Ages Of 6 To 12. It Is Filled With Heart-warming Animal Stories, Articles That Will Educate, And An Extensive Fun And Games Section. Also, A Series Of 6 Collectible Animal Posters Wil

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Getting to know your Favorite Animals

Are you crazy about your pets or other animals? Do you want to share your story of that cute little family member you have? Or, do you want to share your story of your experience as a Wildlife Explorer? Then your period of wait is over. We are bringing out a new series of magazines which focuses on tales related to animals, the many hidden facts of the animal species, wild or domestic, that we haven’t yet heard of. For your convenience, we are providing you a detail of what are the aims and purposes of our magazine below.

What is the Magazine all about?

As already said, our magazine is completely on animal tales. Every day, we come across news of cruelty towards pet animals and illegal poaching of wild animals. We think that in order to save these innocent animals from getting endangered every day, we must do something. The idea of this magazine is the very culmination of that thought process. For a start, we will bring out a monthly version of this magazine, and as our subscription rate goes up, we will be moving onto a bi-weekly version of this magazine. 

It will cover tales of the animal from everyday life, the many hidden facts about them. It will also have some feature articles from the wildlife explorers or people who have an experience of living and working with the wild. The target audiences are the people belonging in the age group of 15-60, who can actively participate in the cause of the wild and the pet animals. We also aim to roll the vanguard for the benefit of going vegetarian and all our magazines will have a special feature on the health benefits of being a vegetarian.

Specific Focus

Apart from feature stories, we will also have a special section for a fictional story based on preventing cruelty towards the animal and how to propagate love towards them. Stories with man-wild bonding will get the special attention and the one with the best story will get a discount on the next edition of our magazine. 

Other Features

Other additional features of the magazine include:

a) Pictures of you with your pets or snap of some wild animals taken by you. The one with the most rated picture will be nominated as the “Adorable Picture of the Month”.

b) A special section on preparing low-calorie and tasty vegetarian or vegan recipe. 

c) A separate feature on how to take care of your pets.

d) A special section on laws regarding prevention of illegal poaching and cruelty towards pet animals which will tantamount to strict punishments.

e) The magazine will end with some interesting quizzes and polls, the answer of which will be revealed in the next edition. The winner will get a discount in the subscription offer.

For the beginning, we will require at around 10-15 articles, each to be around 1000 words. Interested person shall contact us at our number or look at our Facebook page for more information.