Aquaman Has Renounced The Throne Of Atlantis, But The Sea Will Not Release Arthur Curry So Easily. Now, From A Forgotten Corner Of The Ocean Emerges The Trench - A Broken Race Of Creatures That Should Not Exist With An Unspeakable Need Driving Them.

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Aquaman: King of Atlantis

The famous King of Atlantis, Ruler of the Seven Seas, and one of only two royal members of the Justice League, Aquaman first came to the attention of the readers of DC comics more than seven decades ago. Since then he's been through trials and tribulations, gaining and losing wives and sons in his ongoing struggle with half-brother Black Manta for the throne, even losing a hand at one time, but he's always battled back and, in recent years, has more and more often done so with a broad smile shining out from his golden beard.

Readers have especially flocked to the character after his career rebirth and reinvention in episodes of Batman: The Brave And The Bold on TV, and for that reason discount magazine subscriptions to Aquaman are a common occurrence nowadays.

The Powerful Aquaman

As DC scholars know, millennia ago Atlantis was the seat of great and powerful magicians whose hubris set the city sinking beneath the waves, forcing them to work their magics and allow the citizens to breathe underwater. This new breed of human finds its finest expression in their King Orin, known to surface dwellers as Aquaman and as Arthur Curry.

Adapted naturally to the ocean depths, Aquaman has the toughness to withstand ocean pressures - and the explosion of a tank shell. His strength is enough to propel him through the water at over a hundred knots - and to shatter walls or send him soaring into the air in a leap. He can see and hear in the darkness of the deepest ocean trenches, and so his senses are far beyond those of you or I. And with his mind he can communicate with and control the dwellers of the ocean, from the smallest cod to the mightiest whale or giant squid.

But it's not just the powers that mean readers continue refreshing their discount magazine subscriptions. Aquaman's troubled life as ruler of a challenged throne and as both superhero and ruler keep up an astonishing variety of twisting and fascinating stories, and those make his comic a monthly must-read.