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Essential To The Profession For More Than 110 Years. Provides A Compelling Editorial Mix Of Design Ideas And Trends, Building Science, Business And Professional Strategies, Exploration Of Key Issues, New Products And Computer Aided Practice.

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Every industry has a magazine that is a must-have for those in the field in question. For architects, this magazine is Architectural Record. For newcomers to the world of architecture, nearly every page will have something for you. Seasoned professionals also subscribe to Architectural Record as this publication stays abreast of all new developments in the industry, and concisely reports on these trends. Subscribers look forward to receiving this relevant magazine each month. It keeps them in touch with what is going on. Do not hesitate to order yourself a discount subscription to Architectural Record Magazine today!

Latest News and Trends

This magazine effectively covers the latest news in the world of architecture. Most professionals eventually specialize in one area. Architectural Record will keep you in touch with overarching trends across the world of architecture. Each edition is packed with analytics on the industry, special home construction, trends in kitchens and bathrooms and well as many other topics that pertain to this profession. Architecture is not just about building; it is also about lighting and interior design. This magazine covers the latest in lighting schemes. Various interior designs that are being used in different buildings are also featured. Every magazine showcases what is new in this ever-evolving world of building and recreating.

Special Features

Every edition of this periodical celebrates the professionals in this field. They have a portfolios of projects that were submitted to the editors from architects around the country. This feature is one that makes this magazine rather special. Architects are exposed to some of the best work of their colleagues each month. These projects are noteworthy, and the readership looks forward to these exposes of what is going on elsewhere in the industry.


Continuing education is fundamental to every profession. Architectural Record helps its readers continue learning with its educational features on the latest styles, trends and techniques in their profession. There are a number of stories about how technology is impacting this field also. Add to this there is a “solution of the month” feature, which addresses common issues that might arise during projects, and methods for dealing with them. 

Learn more about trends in your profession by ordering a discount subscription to Architectural Record Magazine today!