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Art & Antiques Magazine Is Written For Art Lovers And Collectors Of Fine Art, Antiques And Collectibles. Each Issue Features Gallery, Artist And Artwork Reviews, News On The Domestic And International Markets And Expert Appraisal Advice.

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History Echoes

For a collector to add into his or her collection and learn more about it, an Art & Antiques magazine is all that he or she needs. It encompasses features about antique pieces and collectibles. This magazine covers different topics which range from contemporary techniques, artworks and types of antiques photography to impressionism and other similar topics. Make your discount magazine subscription order today and start enjoying everything you find in the Art& Antiques magazine.

News and Market

By way of estate sales, other sellers and auctions that are provided in every issue, you will be equipped with the latest news about items present in the market and useful information about antique collectibles. Also present in the magazine is information about items that are selling through your magazine subscription and items that have become popular recently. The history of selected classical antiquities, antique items will provide you with clear information. To be a more informed collector, get you discount Art & Antique magazine today!


You can learn from several artworks that are featured in every issue, they include postwar art, contemporary paintings, Asian paintings, impressionism, modern techniques and works from the nineteenth century. You will be furnished with additional information on history of individual pieces, the artists who made them and the several techniques used. Through this publication, you will also learn about a number of artistic genres.


You will learn more techniques and unique styles in addition to more traditional art forms. Each issue brings you features about tribal arts, photography, sculptures, outsider and folk styles and the old masters. You might find a few exceptional pieces and learn about many other forms, styles and techniques that are less accustomed.

Make you discount magazine subscription order to Art & antiques magazine today and get to learn about artworks and intriguing antique pieces!