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Art In America Magazine Creates A Fascinating Picture Of The Ever-changing
Art Scene Both In The U.s. And Abroad. Each Issue Features Everything From Contemporary To Classical Painting, Sculpture, Photograph And Critiques Of Exciting New Talents And Imp

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An Empire of Art

Art In America has been the world's most loved contemporary art magazine for more than 100 years.It's Published every month and it's main focus is contemporary art in the U.S, including artist profiles, the update about art, show reviews and many more. It is designed to and for everyone interested in the world of arts. From art collectors, dealers to art professionals and historians all over the world. This magazine embraces art in all ways, and it's dedicated to art and art criticism. So if 'he/she would love it' then why not buy it as a gift!

With this publication, you will get updated news and art criticism of sculpture, photography, paintings. You will find installation art featured in some issues, leave alone performance art, digital art, video and architecture reviews. In-depth focus on artist profile and article on art trend are found in each issue.You will get facts beyond the art, or the artist themselves. Interviews with the artist in their studio is not a rare topic on this magazine. You will also get to know the inspiration the bring in the world of contemporary art.

A weekly guide to museum shows and art exhibition are something you will miss. There is a section of a critical eye, where you will find the latest problems facing the art world. Criticism story like in September 2015 issue there is a focus on bad art presented with pomp in Venice and the 'pavilion problem'. Those are just but a few topics you will find in this magazine. Art in America also focuses on extensive reviews of books and specific collection of artwork. Different gallery reviews are available on almost every issue, and all these reviews make you feel like you own the art yourself.

This magazine seriously has a long legacy as the voice of contemporary art. Although it's main focus is the art world in New York City, its diverse topics in the rest of the world visual arts gives you every reason you need to should have a monthly subscription. A discount magazine subscription will be given to you and if you are not 100% satisfied with your magazine subscription then you will receive a 100 % refund on all undelivered issues, anywhere, for any issue, and at any time. This magazine is always in stock and will be dispatched the same day you make an order. But that is if you order before 3.00 pm, Mon- Fri. Your subscription will start the current issues not the order ones.