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Finest Art within Your Reach

Are you an artist? Or an aspiring artist? Or just someone who loves collecting fine art? Art News magazine has all that you need to know about art! In its three separate sections which report on News, the Market and include reviews of newest piece, this magazine will keep you informed.

News is one of the most important sections of the magazine. It will keep you informed about what is happening in the art circles both nationally, and internationally. Every edition of the magazine will inform you about up and coming artists, the old masters, auctions, museums and their curators, pieces that have been accepted or rejected from renowned collections, events, companies interested in big sales, galleries, shows and much more. Crucial for anyone trying to make a name for themselves in the art world, there is little doubt that this magazine will keep you up-to-date with all crucial art-related information.

Furthermore, you will also be able to read about the visual art market; each issue contains a variety of articles about the newest and best curators, various auction houses, sale prices for particular pieces and artist, auction records, etc. A detailed knowledge of the art market, including a knowledge about analysis, will help you become both a more successful artist, and a more successful seller of your art, since you will be able to join in discussions about up and coming art or artists. Moreover, this section of Art Magazine also contains discussions about topics that matter to you, such as whether or not to sell your art at fairs or galleries, or why galleries are even necessary.

Lastly, the reviews in Art News, written by experts in the field, will provide you with a variety of different well written articles about pieces, show and collections. Now, you will be able to chose what events you want to attend, as well as evaluate beforehand what pieces would make a valuable contribution to your collection. By sourcing this art criticism internationally, Art News can provide you with detailed knowledge about auctions, events, fairs, galleries, artists and more from around the globe!

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