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Explores Government, Education, The Arts, Urban Affairs, Politics, Sports, Etc. In The Metro Atlanta Area.
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Exploring Atlanta

For all the latest information about what's on in Atlanta, choose discount magazine subscriptions to Atlanta magazine. Full of local news stories, local culture and events, the latest restaurants and businesses and features of different neighborhoods, Atlanta magazine truly contains everything you might need to know about your favorite city! Perfect for residents new and old, this publication teaches you everything about the state of Georgia!

Local Culture And News

Every issue of this periodical is packed with local news features and gives you more information about the city's culture and historical background. Full of ideas for relevant books to read as well as information about the arts, local sports and even the crime rate, each edition is choc-full of features. You can discover the latest plays to open in Atlanta as well as upcoming concerts, festivals and fairs. Find even more activities to enjoy in your home city with Atlanta magazine.

Local Travel and Lifestyle News

Improve your lifestyle with Atlanta magazine. You can learn more about the best places to visit in Atlanta, from the hottest bars to the coolest restaurants. This journal reveals the best barbecue spots, recipes and farmers' markets in the area. You can also enjoy reading about health, wellness and style issues. Find out more about Georgia's best colleges and learn about the best doctors to improve your family's health in the city. Not only can you learn more about the city you love, you can even read about travel destinations that are ideal for local getaways from day trips to must-do activities throughout the South. Find hidden lakes, top hiking destinations and pleasant places to stay to enable you to enjoy your life in Atlanta to the full.

Home And Garden

Read fascinating features about different Atlanta neighborhoods and read reviews of local businesses and shops. Get inspiration to improve your home and garden with brilliant decor and design ideas. You can even learn more about the best local schools to keep you informed and up to date with local knowledge.

Embrace your Southern culture with discount magazine subscriptions to Atlanta magazine today!