Audubon Is The Official Magazine Of The National Audubon Society. Audubon Magazine Covers News Of The Natural World. We Help Our Readers Appreciate, Understand, And Protect The Enviroment With A Particular Focus On Birds, Wildlife And Their Habitats.

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Appreciating Nature

It's hard to imagine any ornithologist, twitcher, or other birdwatcher not seeing the benefits of Audubon magazine. With the ties to the Audubon society clear from the name, the magazine carried a prized brand in the birdwatching fraternity - but over time it's come to earn its reputation through the articles and the stunning photographs reliably to be found in each issue. The discount magazine subscriptions to Audubon now come from its own reputation, not just that of the society.And when the magazine reaches a point where it breaks out beyond the society, that's impressive.

Birds and Nature

Every issue of Audubon gets up close and personal with some bird that it hasn't yet chosen, focusing on it for in-depth description of habitat, habits, appearance, call, and year-round behavioral shifts as well as their migration patterns, feeding habits, and details of any creatures that feed on them, giving you a fully visualized and keenly detailed sense of where each bird fits into the food chain and into the wider picture of the natural world in its areas.

The magazine also looks on a wider level on the interplay between multiple species of birds, as well as birds and other animal life to help expand your understanding of our feathered friends to a whole new level.

Climate and Conservation

Any naturalist will tell you that there are important issues of environmental protection to attend to today, but it's likely that you don't really have a good picture of the specifics of the situation. and Audubon magazine is actually a fantastic source from which to study up on the matter. Keep yourself informed and be better able to do your bit by adding Audubon magazine to your discount magazine subscriptions.


Audubon doesn't just cover birds, though the focus will always be on the airborne. Instead, it gives you a wider, clearer understanding of the natural world around you, and with a depth and clarity that makes every issue not to be missed.