An Award-winning Magazine With A Focus On Contemporary Architecture And Design. In 8 Visually Stunning Issues Per Year, Azure Explores Innovative Projects, Emerging Trends And Design Issues That Relate To Our Changing Society.

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In 1985, AZURE magazine humbly began establishing a global dominance in contemporary architecture and interior design. The magazine quickly built itself a reputation grounded in executional excellence, leading the way for modernized style. Pulling inspiration from international aspects across the world, AZURE covers a wide array of topics—including products, landscapes, urbanism, architecture and design—implementing said ideas in a real-world fashion, much to the delight of its readers.


AZURE produces eight aesthetically pleasing issues in a year, with eye-catching beauty on every page. Many articles explore innovative projects, developing trends and interior style issues that correlate with a constantly changing society. Editors produce current material, supplying readers with interviews and outlines of up and coming architects, trending architects and leading designers. AZURE’s original work is also compiled through on-the-ground reports of major trade fairs throughout Europe and North America, providing each issue with stimulating substance. The magazine promotes and covers the newest interior products that contribute to the overall feel of a room, as well as contributes ideas both applicable to personal upcoming projects or your next housing upgrade. AZURE invites stories and images that mentally transport you to an ultramodern setting. From large-scale projects that promote ways to build “green”, to the intricacy of home accessories, AZURE certainly embeds the latest and greatest advancements of architecture and design within its pages.


Social relevance and innovation for the future are keys to the success of any design-based magazine, yet, AZURE goes above and beyond, surpassing the goal to provide readers with pertinent and architecturally thought provoking material. Throughout the course of its existence, the magazine has established itself as a solid resource for interior and exterior creators alike. AZURE paves a pathway to the design of the future, and is no doubt bound to stay at the top of its game for years to come.