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Baseball Digest Is The Oldest And Only Baseball Magazine In The Country. Provides Captivating Insights On Major League Baseball History And On Current Stars - From One-on-one Interviews And Special Features To Exclusive Statistics As Well As Complete Rost

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Play Like a Cardinal!

They call it America's favorite pastime, and since 1942, the place to go for statistics with insight and analysis has been Baseball Digest magazine. With a proven track record of excellence for over seventy years, it's no wonder that every time word gets out about discount magazine subscriptions they're snapped up with speed.

Game Analysis

Baseball is one of the most deeply studied sports on the planet, and every single one of those statistics means something; every one of those statistics, analyzed correctly, tells you something about the player's future, the game, the team as a whole and their prospects over the season and the next few seasons.

Of course this rapidly becomes deeply complex. Some of the most renowned analysts and experts in the business write for Baseball Digest, taking pride from the name and upholding the tradition of in-depth analysis. Recent games are studied in detail and everything they can tell us is brought home, and the Digest also applies this new knowledge to upcoming fixtures. Your love of the game can only be enhanced by a deeper understanding, after all.

Team And Player Profiles

Of course, an in-depth understanding of any given match isn't possible without familiarity with the players and the teams involved, and you'll have a much better sense of the season as it unfolds when you have that kind of metric for assessing teams available. Needless to say, Baseball Digest keeps that information up to date - another reason to join the ranks of readers who organize discount magazine subscriptions every year.

Regular Features

The Digest isn't just a dry collection of figures, though. In addition to the lively writing of the game reports, features like The Fans Speak Out and The Game I'll Never Forget bring the sport we love to vivid life on the page. With crossword puzzles to occupy your mind as well, it's no wonder Baseball Digest has done so well for over seven decades.