Guide To Fishing For Bass For Weekend Anglers.
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Strike up that Fishing Rod

For weekend anglers, Bassin’ magazine is without a doubt the best fishing publication. The great articles present in every issue will help you grasp more skills and gear you towards better fishing trips. This publication provides you with all you need, from finding the perfect fishing location to tips on how to sharpen your hooks. Information about contests and reader-submitted photos is accessible in every issue, which makes it easy for you to participate in various competitions. Today take that broad step and order your discount subscription to Bassin’ magazine!

Tips and Advice

To make your fishing trips as successful as possible, Bassin’ magazine provides you with the finest information about techniques, fish, gear and angling. This periodical benefits everyone despite their expertise in fishing. Therefore, whether you have been fishing since you were child or you have just started, be sure to get something helpful from this fishing publication. The aim of every issue is to equip you with the best ways of catching fish through instruction and clarification. Tips on how to tie firm knots in your line and other helpful topics can be found in the different articles, you can also find the best fishing spots by reading this magazine. With a subscription to this magazine you will enjoy fishing more.


Photos showcasing real people on their fishing trips and the huge basses they caught by making use of the techniques and tips found in the periodical are also made available. The photos of people you share the same passion will captivate you. Feel free to send you own photo to be featured in the Bassin’ magazine if you feel motivated.


The Bassin’ magazine provides you with information about tournaments and contests. Consequently, you compete and interact with amateurs or the most killed anglers. Statistics about winners of other competitions and also the Big Bass Champions will keep you entertained. Additionally, you can learn some tips from experts who have previously competed.

To become a better bass angler, order you discount subscription to Bassin’ magazine today!