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Don't mess up with the Batgirl!

Betty Kane. Barbara Gordon. Stephanie Brown. Cassandra Cain. They've all been Batgirl at one time or another, but Barbara Gordon - the original - is back under the cowl today, and with her training, police connections, computer know-how, and eidetic memory she has a claim to be the very best, and indisputably the best known. Currently written by Cameron Stewart and Brendan Fletcher, the ongoing Batgirl series is one of DC's most acclaimed titles, and with its deep character-driven plots, it's best experienced issue to issue - and that means that you don't want to miss any. Discount magazine subscriptions to Batgirl are a fantastic idea.


The daughter of Commissioner Jim Gordon, Barbara, or 'Babs' as fans and friends alike refer to her, grew up idolizing her father's profession and wanting one day to step into his shoes. Facing strong opposition from him, she changed her mind and instead took her destiny into her own hands.

Wearing the same cape and cowl as her city's most famous protector, she made a statement from the off and swiftly impressed Bruce Wayne, who took her into his confidence and trained her in the fighting arts - while she showed him a thing or two about computers, information handling, and online detective work, even joining the famous Justice League of America at his recommendation.

At the same time she was falling for his handsome ward, Dick Grayson, now best known as Nightwing, and the two began an on-off relationship that has continued to this day. As well, she has allies in the Black Canary and the Huntress, two costumed vigilantes who have come to depend on her guidance and detective work to make a better impact in the struggle against crime.

Batgirl is a light-hearted adventure ride through the shadowy streets of Gotham, showing how a positive outlook and a dedication to your craft can get you through the most daunting of adversaries. It's no wonder so many discount magazine subscriptions are taken out to see Babs' continuing adventures.