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Keep Calm and Ride On!

Bicycling magazine covers all things related to the sport of cycling. Articles range from interesting races to the best gear for your leisurely cycling. Bicycling magazine has plenty of interesting features that you will love reading. Order your Bicycling magazine subscriptiontoday!

In every issue of Bicycling magazine that you receive, you will find reviews of bikes, gear, apparel, components and tools. We always have lots of insider information that will enable you to make the right and the best purchases for your hobby. Whether you compete on a professional level or you just enjoy riding your bike around leisurely with your spouse on the weekends-we have what you need. You will no doubt love what Bicycling magazine has to offer you. Also found in Bicycling magazine, you will find a section on how to do easy repairs so you can get up to speed on anything you need and to be prepared for any bike you may have.

Also found in every issue of Bicycling magazine, there are fantastic articles on training and fitness. We here at Bicycling Magazine provide all the information you need helping you to train responsibly while still meeting your goals. Whether you have an upcoming race or you want to shed a few pounds-there are lots of articles to help you with this and much more. Also, we have features on nutrition, keeping yourself fuelled up and helping you to achieve your fitness goals. Also, you will find great articles on preventing injuries as well as what to do if you do get injured.

Bicycling magazine covers every aspect of cycling and we address cyclists on every levels and preferences. If you ride professionally, we have great articles and suggestionson upcoming races as well as coverage of all major races in the world of cycling. Some of the races covered include: Tour de France, Tour of California, USPCC and Cyclocross. But if you are an amateur rider or just like to cycle for the enjoyment of it-we've got some great features, just for you! What's more, Bicycling magazine features great rides, city guides that you can find onBicycling online.

Why not subscribe to a better riding experience by subscribing and ordering your Bicycling magazine subscription today? You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain.