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BirdWatching is the premier magazine for birding enthusiasts of all levels. Novices, amateurs, and everyone in between will love the focus on new birdwatching techniques, where to locate rare birds, and more!

BirdWatching is a magazine dedicated to the best of birding. Designed for both the backyard birdwatcher and the expert birder, BirdWatching contains tips and tricks for finding and identifying both common and rare birds. Readers will love the information about what to feed birds, how to take beautiful photographs of birds, and where to find various species of birds. Each issue includes stunning color photographs of seasonal birds that are sure to delight and entertain readers.

Regular features of BirdWatching include spotlights on where to find birds each season. From coastal birds to those found in the city, readers will be able to discover the best locations for finding and identifying birds. It also includes a conservation section, which highlights endangered and rare birds and includes information about how organizations are working to protect these species. Issues also feature the history of certain birds and what makes them so unique, as well as articles about birdwatching trips and experiences.

Birdwatching also offers suggestions for DIY projects to attract birds. From owl boxes to bird feeders, readers will be able to make their own creations and lure more birds to their yards. The magazine also includes information about upcoming birdwatching events, where bird enthusiasts can flock to see rare birds. It also features reader submitted content, including motivational stories, humorous birding incidents, and more.