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Power Boats Anyone?

Everybody loves the way powerboats look and sound as they move. We've seen them on TV, in movies, as a badge for the rich and famous of how much fun they're having. And they really are just that fun - but at the same time, they don't have to be so expensive, not even for one of the good ones, if you know what you're looking for and where to go.

That's where Boating magazine comes in, helping you find the powerboats and assorted paraphernalia in your price bracket that are the best match for you. It's for this reason that many people pick up their first copy, only to rapidly start looking for discount magazine subscriptions so that they can easily stay up to date.


Usually the biggest investment for a powerboater is the powerboat itself. Depending on whether you want it for fishing, cruising, or high-speed thrills, and whether you're thinking about lake, river, coastal or ocean use, and even what climate you're looking at, there are a whole host of different things to weigh in the balance ahead of your purchase, or to take into consideration even when you've been using your boat a while. Hulls, engines, and control systems all need the occasional overhaul, and Boating magazine will tell you the best brands to look for in combination with the rest of your rig.


Ask any powerboat maven and they'll tell you that the boat itself is just the center of the experience. They aren't just talking about the tow trailer, either, although unless you have a jetty or a marina slot that's also a factor; the fact of the matter is that powerboats come with a lot of extra gear, especially if you've an interest in water-skiing. And when you've invested so much in a good boat, you don't want to be caught out because you skimped on the extras and failed to get the most from your experience, do you?

Smart watergoers make sure they have discount magazine subscriptions for Boating magazine. Be one of the smart ones.