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Cruising Adventures at its Best

If recreational boating is your passion, then you’ll really love Boating World magazine. Every issue offers a wide range of excellent features, so you can read all about all the up-to-date happenings in the wide world of boating. Boating World magazine delivers important info like expert boating advice, engine specifications, DIY boat projects, and all the gear necessary for a safe and fun boating experience. And, subscribing to Boating World as one of your discount magazine subscriptions will save you a boatload of money, too.

Boat Types and Engine Specs

Every issue of Boating World offers everything you could possibly need to know about a variety of boats and their engines. The boat market changes every day as new and innovative boats are introduced to the public. You want to be up-to-date on all that, and the way to do it is by subscribing to Boating World. In addition, you’ll have access to info regarding any new tests and reviews of engines on the market today. That way, you’ll have a better idea of which engines and boats are proven to be the best performing in the water.

The Best Boating Gear Advice Afloat

You'll find plenty of reviews that are really in-depth for all of the gear needed for that upcoming boating event. There are so many new developments in boating gear available today, and you can stay on top of all of those things from design to development before everyone else you know hears about them. Be the first and get more enjoyment from your properly outfitted boat with Boating World.

Maintenance and DIY Projects

In addition to boating gear info and boat reviews, Boating World offers articles on DIY boat projects for improving the overall appearance of your boat. You'll also find excellent advice from boating experts to help you with maintaining your boat. Articles about boat repainting, carpet replacement, construction of additional storage, repairing holes in the hull, and so much more, are available in every issue. When it comes to the ultimate enjoyment and maintenance of your boat, Boating World has it all.

So, if your world revolves around boating, subscribe to Boating World today and learn everything you need to know. And, save money, too, when you getdiscount magazine subscriptions. Then, you can put the money you save toward your next outing on the water.