Boy's Life

Boy Scouts Ages 8-18

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Scout's Honor - Boys love this magazine.

The monthly magazine of the Boy Scouts of America, Boy's Life speaks to American boys between the ages of 6 and 18, inspiring them to the goals, aspirations, and code of a Scout. If you or your husband have happy memories of time as a Scout, no doubt you'll want to enroll your boys in the same organization.  Boy's Life magazine promotes the scouting lifestyle and encourages our young men to participate in community, family and friendships.

Whether your son is a scout or now, he'll get a lot out of the ideas and spirit of the Boy Scouts of America just through reading the magazine. Wholesome ideas and activities are the reason that so many discount magazine subscriptions are taken to Boy's Life every year.

Jokes and Games

The Scouts prepare their members for life beyone their teenage years, teaching them life skills, adaptability, and an important moral code, but there's more to them than just that. Every issue has suggestions for indoor and outdoor games to keep your young Scouts occupied physically and mentally, as well as jokes designed to delight the heart of any boy. Hearing bursts of laughter shortly after an issue arrives is a common occurrence for any parent. Boy's Life even reviews video games, making sure that it'll speak to any young boy, no matter their tastes.

Outdoor Activities And Gear

Of course, there's plenty of focus on the traditional cornerstones of scouting - hikes, exploring the great outdoors, camping, orienteering, et cetera - and the equipment used while doing so. It's full of recommendations and reviews of the gear your son might want to use when out camping, from tents through sleeping bags, waterproof map packs, and portable cooking equipment.

Hobbies And Projects

The Boy Scouts of America encourage a wide range of extracurricular pursuits, looking to foster a diverse skill set in their members. The magazine is particularly effective in that, encouraging its readers to pursue a wide range of interests and become more rounded people.

Boy's Life may be a magazine for Scouts, but it's also for anyone who respects the Scouting ethos. Discount magazine subscriptions mean that thousands across the nation are always reading, and for good reason.