Complete Guide To Planning The Perfect Wedding.

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Here Comes the Bride

Each issue of Brides magazine is part of a growing storehouse of tips, ideas, money-saving strategies and luxurious, wonderful places to go and things to wear and feature for the perfect wedding. Bridal consultants make sure that their discount magazine subscriptions are always current, and so do both future brides and those who help them plan.

With cakes, dresses, locations, reception locations, reception entertainment, the rings, the honeymoon, the invitations and the place settings all to choose, book, and find the money for, anything that helps you economize while finding better alternatives you might not otherwise have heard of becomes a vital asset in the biggest day of your life.

Planning Your Day

It's a common joke that wedding planning can take over a year for a single day's activity at the end, but the joke exists because there's a nugget of truth in there. Wedding planning often is, and, really, should be, a long process relative to the amount of time a wedding takes.

Once you wake up on the day you only get one shot at making it as wonderful and as memorable as it should be, and getting everything in place to make sure of it ahead of time has to be the best way to do it. The articles in Brides will help guide you through the big ones, but also - especially as your collection builds up over the course of discount magazine subscriptions - they'll show you what you've overlooked that still needs planning for.

And that's utterly invaluable.

Honeymoon Planning

Remember, your big day is also the start of your married life - and the start of something else, too, as you'll speed off after the reception to enjoy time with your beloved in a wonderful, special place. And while your wedding will be the source of many happy memories throughout your life, the honeymoon shouldn't be neglected.

Don't neglect a resource like Brides magazine; it's recognized by professionals as an invaluable asset, and for something like a wedding you want all the help you can get.