Meet Catwoman. She's Addicted To The Night, To Shiny Objects, Batman And Danger.

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Touched over the years by the talented hands of creators like Darwyn Cooke, Ed Brubaker, Jim Balent, Bill Finger, Grant Morrison, Frank Miller, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini and others, Selina Kyle AKA Catwoman is one of the most famous of DC Comics' creations - made all the more impressive when you consider that she isn't always on the side of the angels, and so there have been long periods since her 1940s creation when she wouldn't have a title of her own but would only appear in the pages of the Batman family of comics.

Whenever she does have a series, however - as now - the hunt for discount magazine subscriptions is on!

Costumed Chemistry

While she's dallied from time to time with Thomas Blake (Catman), Ted Grant (Wildcat), and Slam Bradley, Jr (no costumed identity), it's her relationship with Batman that's character defining - for both of them; Selina, the smart street girl who's built herself up to respectability through the successes of her costumed alter ego, using her skills to break the law but never her moral code, and Bruce, the rich tragic child who channels his own alter ego to rebuild the city around him, using his skills to enforce the law.

It's no wonder that this duality produces such great chemistry, and while it's certainly true that the best Selina stories play off that dynamic, the street-smart catburglar with the heart of gold is more than capable of stumbling into some captivating tales of her own accord and coming out on top herself, and it's her own duality - the criminal with strong standards willing to face down those who don't stand so proud - that really makes her comic a must-read.

And a must-read it is, as Selina and her circle of friends, acquaintances, occasional lovers and enemies have their own sideways approach to Gotham City that inspire thousands to secure discount magazine subscriptions so they can read her exploits every month.