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For Beginner Readers With Stories Made For Reading Out Loud, Engaging Illustrations, Interactive Puzzles, Games And Crafts.

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When Having Fun and Learning Conive

Chirp magazine is an educational and entertaining publication that is specifically designed for young children. The magazine is written with three to six-year-olds in mind, and features easy-to-read, games, activities, puzzles and more. Place an order today to receive a discount subscription of this wonderful magazine that is beloved by children everywhere.

Educational Stories

Chirp magazine features multiple stories that are both educational and entertaining. The stories are written by various authors who reside within North America, and feature eye-catching illustrations that add a touch of magic to every page. Each story creates an unique learning experience for your child that will deepen their love of reading and make them excited for the next issue. Whether you read these stories to your little one or allow them to read on their own, you can rest assured your child will absorb every page and thoroughly enjoy the experience.

Exciting Activities

From easy recipes to arts and crafts project, your little learner will love participating in the many activities Chirp magazine has to offer. One of the best aspects to the activities in Chirp magazine is that they are both entertaining and educational. Recipes teach children important life skills, while arts and crafts help to bring out their natural creativity. You'll also find an abundance of hilarious jokes in riddles in the magazine that are guaranteed to keep you and your child laughing for hours on end.

Unique Features and Theme-Based Issues

One of the most unique features of Chirp magazine is that every discount issue has its very own theme, so the content always remains current and interesting. Each issue follows the adventures of the lovable and adorable title character Chirp, a friendly yellow chick who is an absolute joy to follow. The magazine is welcome to suggestions from its readers, and takes critiques provided by the Parent Advisory Board into consideration with each and every issue. Whether you are a home-schooling parent, an educator or a parent who is looking for a way to incorporate more reading into your child's life, Chirp is a trusted and beloved magazine that can be enjoyed by adults and children alike.

Order your discount subscription to the amazing educational Chirp magazine today to get your child started on a brand new reading adventure!