Cleveland Magazine

In-depth Articles On People/issues That Affect Life In The Cleveland, Ohio Area.
Contemporary Urban Politics & Art.

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Walking in Ohio

One of the best ways to get the most out of a trip to a strange city is by picking up a magazine about local life and seeing what it recommends, but a lot of residents miss that same magazine will often open their eyes to areas and aspects of their beloved home that they'd completely missed. Take Cleveland magazine, for example; many Ohioans are already well aware of just how very useful and insightful it can be, and one of the results of that is that it's been known to top local lists of discount magazine subscriptions.

Life in the Area

Recent arrivals in the city are particularly fond of the parts of Cleveland magazine that focus on hidden highlights of each neighborhood as well as the well-known landmarks like the Rock and Roll hall of fame, the West Side Market and the State Theatre. But they're not the only ones, even long-term residents often find that the publication will draw their attention to places they'd never heard of or show them a new and appealing side of somewhere they thought they knew.

Not only that, but the magazine regularly touches on issues of local politics, education, and healthcare, giving you all the tools you need for planning your life over the long term as well as offering ideas for how to pass your free time in the most entertaining ways possible.

Art, Music, and Events

It's not just about the little-known but excellent stores and boutiques and the famous landmark locations, of course; the other thing Cleveland magazine and others like it can offer you is an up-to-date record of what's going to happen, and where; who's playing the Cavaliers at their next home game, which big-name rock star is the next to have a tour pass through town, what artist is being exhibited at which gallery, and all the rest of the details.

So often we miss these things because we don't know they're happening until it's too late, but that's not mandatory. Discount magazine subscriptions to Cleveland magazine keep the locals in the loop about what's coming and ensure they never accidentally miss out on something big.